ronaldinho biography

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Ronaldinho was born into a family of football
addicts, living in a wooden house in the heart
of a favela. His father, Joao da Silva Moreira
who played for an amateur club made ends
meet by by working as a car park attendant
at Gremio Football Club. His brother Roberto
was a great hope for the club but then his
career was unfortunately ended by a terrible knee injury.

At the age of 8, tregedy struck as Ronaldinho’s
father drowned in a swiming pool at a villa
provided by Gremio for Roberto.
Following in the footsteps of his brother
Ronnie then joined the Gremio’s footballing
school and wowed everyone there.
He made it into the first team in 1997 and
was being heralded as one of the best young
hopes in Brazilan football. Meanwhile, he was
already making the breakthrough with the
national squad, and his six goals were
fundamental in Brazil’s Copa America
triumph in 1999.

The goal Ronaldinho scored against Venezuela
is remembered to this day as one of the most
spectacular ever scored by a player wearing
the famous Canarinha jersey.

In 2001, Ronaldinho moved on to PSG where
he became a fan’s favourite with his
tremendous flair and excting style of
football – also contributing tremendous amounts
of goals. However his employer’s still weren’t
happy with his atitude and looked ot get rid of him.
Of course, he continued to shine in the
international arena. His finest hour came
at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea,
where he was a key member of the side that
won Brazil’s record fifth world title – scoring
in the quarter final and playing an integral role
in midfield in the final.

Ronaldinho then moved to Barcelona –
arguably the biggest club in the world –
for what now seems a bargain at £21,000,000.
When he arrived, he said that his desire was
to bring as much success to the club as so
many Brazilians had done before him, such as
Evaristo, Ronaldo, Romario and Rivaldo.
Having won the World Footballer of the Year
title it seems he has now fulfilled that desire


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